What Does “Survival of the Fittest” Mean in the Age of Digital Darwinism?

January 28, 2016

You may have heard the term “Digital Darwinism” permeate discussions about the changing landscape of business today. Now, companies that were once synonymous with leadership in their industries are either long gone or struggling to keep their doors open. Beloved brands like Kodak, Borders, and Blockbuster all serve as cautionary tales of those who didn’t do enough to foresee the digital change going on and take action, resulting in their decline. Indeed, digital has caused entire industries like publishing and media to be completely upended, while others like finance and retail are going through dramatic disruption.

Businesses in every industry are now finding that they also must digitally transform themselves to keep up with modern customers’ needs and expectations. Those who do not embrace this digital future will inevitably become extinct. Now, countless young start-up companies from outside your industry are rising to the top with innovative digital ideas, entrepreneurial energy, low barriers to entry (thanks to digital), and a customer focus. This is the perfect storm that can threaten your business—unless you take the steps to evolve. Read More

ObjectFrontier Software (OFS) Expands its Offerings to Help Clients Undergoing a Digital Transformation

December 23, 2014

ObjectFrontier Software (OFS) is now helping organizations undergo a Digital Transformation, as they seek to embrace the benefits thatsoftware can provide throughout all parts of their organization. OFS is particularly being used toimprovecustomer experience, which, for today’s modern consumer, must involve exceptional digital productsthat understand the customer’s complete journeyin order topredict and meet their real-time expectations.

With an 18 year history of product engineering expertise, OFS knows how to use the latest in social, mobile, cloud and data analytics technologies to build the software these firms need, making it compelling, packed with innovative features, and designed for rapid evolution. OFS is always looking ahead to embrace the latest in emerging software trends—social media in 2004, mobile devices in 2009, gamification in 2012, and wearables in 2014—to keep customers at the forefront of the technology race.

The evolving trend of digital transformation is at the center of OFS’s work in the past 2 years, which deals with the growing importance of software to every business, not just technology companies.  In 2012, OFS began sharing the message that “Everyone is in the software business now”, as consumers’ digital needs and expectations began to exponentially increase. In 2013, OFS helped companies focus on the idea that “Software is now your brand”, as the quality of a business’s digital products became essential to their image and customer experience.

And now in 2014, OFS is aiding those looking to undergo a full digital transformation throughout their organization. OFS recently presented a webinaron this topic, featuring Forrester Research, Inc. VP and Principal Analyst John C. McCarthy, who is a key contributor on predicting the business impact of technology and the future of IT. In the webinar, “Understanding Your Digital Transformation Agenda: How Do Your Meet Customers’ Real-Time Expectations?”(add link)Mr. McCarthy shared how,with the pervasiveness of digital devices in today’s world, firms must rethink their business strategy – from the outside in – to capitalize on the competitive advantages that today’s digital technology provides.

OFS is committed to helping clients undergo a digital transformation by providing teams of agile, product-minded technologists to build outstanding digital products and platforms.OFS CEO Rich Napoli explains, “OFS’s expertise in building commercial product software can be used to help any company quickly build the robust digital productsthey need to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving markets.”

“We are well-versed in the latest software technologies that are enabling and leading a digital transformation in many companies.” These technologies include the MEAN Stack, comprised ofMongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. Rich adds, “Because we are focused on building digital products that help companies transform their customer relationships and internal operations, we increasingly see the MEAN Stack as one of the best ways to get there because it provides highly scalable,easily adaptable technology that keeps you keeps you on pace with today’s ever-changing markets.”

Just as in the past, by investing in the early acquisition of skillsets in emerging technologies, OFS is ahead of the game instead of scrambling to find developers qualified in these technologies. With guidance from knowledgeable consultants like Forrester Research, Inc., OFS is dedicatedto helping clients in their digital transformation by building rapid, scalable software products and platforms needed to drive revenue in today’s markets.

About OFS: OFS helps clients build innovative software products that drive revenue for their business. OFS uses the latest in social, mobile, cloud and data analytics technologies to build software that is compelling, packed with innovative features, and designed for rapid evolution to propel customers past their competition. Founded in 1997, OFS has a deep heritage of building commercial products for software vendors, which has given them the insight and experience to create impactful software for any business. OFS has over 500 employees spread across its US offices in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, and its offshore facility in Chennai, India. www.objectfrontier.com/

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