The Top 3 Software Trends Affecting the Broadcast Media Industry

The consumer viewing experience today has changed drastically from the traditional experience of watching television. Gone are the days when the entire family sat in front of a TV set and watched a show in its entirety, including commercials, without distractions from other devices or alternate sources of programming. Shows were developed for mass audiences, and there were long term syndication rights associated with them.

Broadcast Media Industry

The Top 3 Software Trends Affecting the Broadcast Media Industry

Broadcast media is still an integral part of consumer’s lives, but the industry faces challenges on many fronts and is being forced to reinvent itself as it faces demands for more personalized content by consumers, threats from varied distribution systems and the need to find new sources of revenue to remain viable. More and more, the broadcast media industry is finding that innovative software can help them to solve these problems, allowing them to better reach and engage consumers in their programming.

Discover below the top 3 software trends affecting the broadcast media industry today; find out the major opportunities and challenges each presents and see how businesses are looking to utilize them to increase viewership!

The Top 3 Software Trends Affecting the Broadcast Media Industry:

1. Multiplatform Content Delivery

2. Social Media and Big Data

3. Personalized, Interactive Viewing

Engagement Solutions: OFS recently completed a project with a major American broadcasting company to develop a smart TV app to accompany a major sporting event, enabling viewers to get more of the information and facts they crave, right on their TV, while they watch the event. Projects like this capitalize on the industry’s desire to provide a more personalized, involved experience to help increase ratings. It helps prevent consumers from wandering away from the broadcast since they don’t have to use another device to engage in additional digital activities, thus protecting and perhaps enhancing broadcasters’ prime source of revenue – TV advertising. Click Here to check out our blog post on smart TV apps!  

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