List of Useful SEO Resources

July 23, 2013

We all know, now a days the higher growth of Internet users, All we dependent on internet to find out any thing we need. For that we are going search engines like (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.), where we can easily find out those.  For getting the website on search engine we need to know Search Engine Optimization, which is called SEO.

So are you ready to learn a little about Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is called in the industry? Below is the ist of complete and useful SEO resources, which should take any beginner from zero to hero.

SEO Basics

Learn the basics of SEO:
(The first thing you should read)

Watch ‘The SEO Fundamentals Pyramid’:

* Download ‘How Search Engines Work’:
(Side note: it is important to know how SE’s work before even learning how to optimize websites for the SE’s)

* Learn the basics of HTML and CSS, the language of websites:
(Side note: SEO deals a lot with HTML, and you should know the basics before utilizing SEO strategies)

* Learn the basics of local Search:

* Learn keyword research:

* Learn on-page optimization:

* Learn website architecture:

* Learn canonicalization:

* Learn Excel:

* Learn content marketing:
(Side note: first read up on the Content Strategy below)

Link Building

* Learn link building:

* Bookmark this comprehensive list of link building strategies from Point Blank SEO:

* Read Ross Hudgen’s awesome link building articles:

* Read ‘The Noob Guide to Link Building’:

* Download ‘The Noob Guide to Link Building’ and ‘The 6-Month Link Building Game Plan’:


Content Strategy

* Read ‘The Definitive Guide to Awesome Content’:

* Read the “In-Depth Guide to Content Creation’:

* Read ‘How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine’:

* Read ‘The SEO Guide to Creating Viral Link bait and Infographics’:


* Learn Google Analytics with Google’s IQ Lessons:

* Download Slingshot SEO’s ‘Guide to Google Analytics’:

* Read the collection of Analytics articles from SEOmoz:

* Read ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Goals in Analytics’:

* Read ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 5′:

Overall SEO Strategy

* Learn Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

* From Quora, “What are some top strategies for conversion optimization?”:

* Read ‘The Noob Guide to Online Marketing’:

* Read ‘The New SEO Process’:

* 33 Free SEO Tools You Should Know About:

* Keep up to date with inbound marketing material:

Also you can follow these list of Top SEO news websites from SEO Inc website. I hope you will go through these websites to find out all the latest information happening inside the Search Engine as well as SEO industry.

SL.No Website Name Website Url
1 Search Engine Land
2 Mashable
3 Search Engine Watch
4 Search Engine Journal
5 ClickZ
6 Search Engine Brief
7 Search Engine Round Table
8 Marketing Pilgrim
9 Search Marketing Standard
10 ReveNews
11 Daily SEO Blog
12 Search Engine Freak
13 Marketing Land
14 SEO Centro
15 SEO Chat
16 Reel SEO
17 SEOmoz Blog
18 SEO-News
19 SiteProNews
20 Search Engine Guide

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