Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

#1: They believe.

#2: They share what they had for lunch.

#3: They don’t try to dominate every single social network.

#4: They don’t focus on one social media network.

#5: Social media leaders still use email.

#6: They still believe in SEO.

#7: They are genuine.

#8. They do not send auto DM to all their new followers.

#9: They use hashtags judiciously.

#10: Successful social media users (clearly) don’t believe the hype that prospects aren’t using Social Media

#11: They publish more quality, not just quantity.

#12: They understand that one message does not fit all networks

#13: Social media leaders don’t let friends outsource.

#14: They hire interns, but they use them wisely.

#15: Success in social media demands that you get personal.

#16: They know that social media is not free, but earned.

#17: They measure social media.

#18: They know that fan/follower growth is secondary to getting paid.

#19: They believe in their network and leverage it.

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